How do I become a Van Stand certified mover?

Van Stand is always looking for more movers! If you have a van or truck and would like to apply to become a Van Stand certified mover, shoot us an email and we'll help you begin the application process. It's painless, we promise.

How much does Van Stand cost for me to use?

Nothing, nada, zip. The only payment you make is directly to your mover upon completion of your move.

What if no one selects my move?

On the rare occasion that this happens, the Van Stand Founders will personally move you & take you out for ice
cream. No seriously, this never happens.

Can Van Stand move my whole house and office?


How 'bout just my iPod and futon?

Yep, yep.

Can Van Stand move me to or from another state?

No problemo!

How do I contact you?
or call us (347) 92 - STAND

What is Van Stand?

Van Stand is an easy to use, online marketplace. We connect people that need things moved with pre-screened, certified movers.

How is Van Stand different from Craigslist?

With Van Stand you know exactly what you're getting.

IF YOU'RE MOVING: you no longer have to wade through online ads, or flyers on lampposts. Only
Van Stand certified movers can use the site - so you know exactly who'll be working with you.

IF YOU'RE A MOVER: all available moves are organized in one place. Van Stand provides: itinerary tools, confirmation forms and payment options. We do all of your promotion! No more posting and reposting to Craigslist.

I'm moving, how do I find a van?

Van Stand is easy. There is no need to register with us.
- Post your move.
- Receive a quote.
- Confirm and get moving!

I have a van how do I find someone to move?

Again, Van Stand is easy.

- Log in.
- Select the moves you'd like to do.
- Receive an itinerary and get moving!